Uber’s New Year’s Eve Travel, Safety Tips

Don’t be that guy stuck in a car during the New Year’s Eve countdown, trying to find the best party. Being at the best venue, as well as getting there and back reliably and safely all comes down to some proper planning.
Uber has got your back with this foolproof guide to having the best New Year’s yet.
Nigeria’s major cities are serving up large-scale, world-class events. In Lagos, Nigerians can join their favourite artistes and over 20 million voices as people celebrate the yuletide at the One Lagos Fiesta at Bar Beach in Victoria Island. If you’re in Abuja, Jabi Boat Club is hosting their own New Year countdown.
For laid-back festivities for the whole family, people in Lagos can visit some of the Mega Churches such as The City of David, The Elevation Church and Christ Embassy.
Whether you’re celebrating in Lagos and Abuja with family, friends or tourists visiting from overseas, Uber is your reliable and safe option for getting there and back. Either way, requesting an Uber ride will ensure you’re not spending hours trying to find parking with the crowds!
Get your plans sorted now, as there is no night more popular to go out than New Year’s Eve. Just like flights and hotel fees increase during holiday periods due to demand, dynamic pricing happens when demand for rides is high and there are not enough drivers on the road.
We don’t want to leave anyone out in the cold, waiting for a ride, so dynamic pricing encourages more drivers to get out on the road to serve you on the busiest night of the year. If you weigh up the convenience and safety of getting an Uber, there really is no better investment.
Our greatest priority is that you get home safely, especially on the 31st December, the day most notorious for high numbers of alcohol-related road accidents.
When driving under influence, you are not only putting your life at risk but you are risking the lives of all those you come across while driving. Uber is the connecting line between you and your best night out. It’s simple: you just have to focus on enjoying every moment of your night, and let Uber focus on your rides from dinner, to bar hopping, to your favourite nightclubs and of course home safe.
Our app takes every precaution to keep you safe. Take care to review the safety features in the app, check the vehicle and driver details and share your trip and ETA with family.


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