Activist Challenges Tanzania’s Social Media Laws


A digital rights activist and the Executive Director of Paradigm Initiative, ‘Gbenga Sesan has called for an end to attempts by governments in Africa to impose taxes on the digital platforms.


Sesan made this call at Tanzania School of Internet Governance where he was a faculty member such attempts are dangerous to the economic and democratic development on the continent.

Tanzanian government recently imposed a license fee of $900 on bloggers in the country, while Uganda also imposed daily tax on the use of social media and mobile money.

He said the levy imposed on digital content creators in Tanzania is not an isolated violation of digital rights but the manifestation of a trend across the continent.

“From Uganda’s social media tax to Cameroon’s shutdowns and Nigeria’s clamp down incidents, among others, freedom of expression online is under threat for many reasons, including the fact that digital platforms have become a major channel for citizens’ expression around governments’ poor service delivery to citizens”, he said.
It is important to see these issues from the pan-African perspective as we engage with the context of our varied experiences” Sesan said.

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