Airtel Nigeria’s Godfrey Efeurhobo Joins Africell Group as Group Chief Commercial Officer

Godfrey Efeurhobo

Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), Airtel Nigeria, Mr Godfrey Efeurhobo has moved to Africell, a leading mobile network operator in Africa with establish fast and reliable connectivity, accelerate innovation and support local communities, offering customers a mix of data, voice, messaging, mobile money and other integrated telecoms services.


Announcing his new job as the Group Chief Commercial Officer (GCCO) Africell Group London, UK, in his verified LindIn handle, he said, “I’m happy that I’m starting a new position as Group Chief Commercial Officer at Africell Group.”

Efeurhobo is a telecommunications professional with a demonstrated history of developing and leading a high petformance team.

He is skilled in Transformational Leadership, Stakeholder Management, Strategy, Negotiation, Business Planning, Operations Management, Strategic Sales & Distribution and Secured Financing.

According to his LindIn profile, he is a Strong business development professional with a Master of Business Administration focused in Business Change Management and Operations Management from the University of Liverpool.

Africell has deep operational knowledge and a successful track record, boasts of its ability to built on two foundations: offering customers more products of a higher quality at better prices, and using technology to drive positive digital transformation in the countries in which we operate. Africell networks are secure, trustworthy and resilient.

A statement from the company said that as a new Group Chief Commercial Officer, he will accelerate growth in Angola and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and strengthen market leadership in Sierra Leone and The Gambia.

Godfrey Efeurhobo joins Africell from Airtel Nigeria, an operator with over 50 million customers and almost 2 billion US dollars in annual revenue. As Chief Commercial Officer of Airtel Nigeria, Mr. Efeurhobo led all aspects of commercial operations including marketing, sales and distribution, customer experience, brand and communications, regional operations, home broadband and retail.

In his new role, Efeurhobo will be responsible for growing Africell’s customer base, driving sales, and differentiating Africell from its competitors.

He joined Africell only six months after the launch of services in Angola. One of the most economically developed countries in Africa, Angola’s telecoms sector has nevertheless suffered from decades of under-investment. Offering fast, low-cost and reliable services, Africell has already disrupted the landscape in Angola, winning more than 5 million customers since April 2022. As Africell expands coverage nationwide, Mr. Efeurhobo and his team will ensure that the company capitalises fully on the opportunity.

“Godfrey joins Africell at a pivotal time,” says Ziad Dalloul, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Africell Group. “Our portfolio includes two markets with astonishing potential for growth: Angola and DRC. Achieving this demands a smart commercial strategy. Godfrey comes to Africell with over twenty years of executive experience at heavyweight African operators, yet he also has an entrepreneurial mindset. The combination of expert knowledge and a creative vision makes him the perfect fit for this role”.

In addition to its new operations in Angola, Africell is currently undertaking a major network expansion in DRC, with several new cities and provinces (including in the east of the country) coming online in the past year. As in Angola, Africell has the potential to make a significant long-term impact in DRC, offering something different to competitors and giving millions of customers better access to telecommunications and digital connectivity.

He said that achieving growth requires a commercial strategy that is intelligently localised.

“A Chief Commercial Officer must understand the dynamics of the market”, he said. “What makes people, businesses and communities tick and where does mobile technology fit in? Africell operates in four distinct countries. To achieve our ambitious growth goals, we must pay close attention to their unique features and respond with products and services that suit the specific needs of customers. I’m excited to be joining Africell at such a critical moment in its journey and I look forward to driving growth to the next level”.

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