Ecobank Nigeria Listed Among Top 50 Brands in Nigeria

Ecobank Nigeria has been listed among the top 50 brands in Nigeria prioritizing customer satisfaction and delivering top notch banking services to citizens in Nigeria and Africa.


Chief Executive of Top 50 Brands Nigeria, Taiwa Oluboyede, initiator of the To 50 brand survey, said companies listed among the Top 50 Brands have differentiated themselves, mastered the art and become clear leaders beyond their product or services to power Nigeria’s economy.

“The brands that made this year’s annual brand evaluation are those that recognize that responding to customer needs is good business. Accurately anticipating these and propounding right proposition is even better business. They are those that have succeeded in capturing compelling ideas that stand out from the competition. They are great consumer brands that touch hearts and activate minds by appealing to both emotional and functional benefits. They build resilience in the face of prevailing circumstances. They remain unrelenting on their promise to the consumers”, he stated.

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