Fears of Cybercrime Activities Heighten as Nigeria Ranked 32nd Country with Most Data Breach in Q1’2023

The Surfshark’s report has rvealed that Nigeria is the 32nd most breached country in Q1’2023,
and had 82k leaked accounts (64% higher in 2023’Q1 than it was in 2022’Q4).


Globally, data breaches declined in the first quarter of 2023, with a total of 41.6M accounts breached. This is almost 50% less than nearly 81M seen in Q4’2022, and a total of 41.6M accounts were breached at the beginning of 2023, translating into 1 account being breached every second.

Russia ranked 1st, amounting to a sixth of all leaked accounts, followed by the U.S. (5M), Taiwan (3.9M), France (3.2M), and Spain (3.2M).

A 49% decrease in breached users worldwide is seen compared to Q4’2022. However, some countries experienced rapid growth, such as Taiwan (21x), Saudi Arabia (19x), South Korea (13x), Czechia (9x), and Armenia (7x).

Europe was the most affected region by breaches in Q1’2023, followed by Asia and North America. All other regions comprised less than 5% of the quarter’s total.

Some of the biggest breaches by email count were Sberbank (Russia), with 2.9M accounts leaked, Weee! (United States) with 1.1M, and Zurich Insurance (Switzerland) with 756.7K.

According to Surfshark’s study, data breaches declined globally in the first quarter of 2023 if we compare it to the previous one.

Agneska Sablovskaja, Lead Researcher at Surfshark, said: “However, the fact that over 40 million accounts were breached in just a few months is still a cause for concern. Those whose data was compromised are at an increased risk of being targeted by cybercriminals as their personal information can be utilized for phishing attacks, fraud, identity theft, and other serious cybercrimes.”

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