Gabonese Ticketing Tikkeo Expands to Ivory Coast

Gabonene Ticketing Tikkeo Expands to Ivory Coast


Gabon-based event ticketing startup Tikkeo has expanded to the Ivory Coast on the back of impressive uptake at home.

Launched in 2015, Tikkeo allows organisers to promote their events and sell tickets online, with attendees paying using mobile money.

Organisers can run marketing campaigns, sell tickets, track registrations, and follow cash flow in real time, while users can purchase tickets in an easy manner.

“Our added value at the pan-African level is about technology. We have one of the most advanced technologies that allows us to cover the entire value chain of ticketing,” Tikkeo founder and chief executive officer (CEO) Laurain Essono Ngoua told Disrupt Africa.

The startup has so far facilitated the sale of almost 30,000 tickets in Gabon, and has now started operations in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. Tikkeo makes revenues by charging commission of eight per cent for every ticket sold through its platform.

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