Global €25,000 Prize Innovation Award ‘ll Create Future Opportunities, Says Ericsson

Head of Human Resources, Ericsson Region Middle East and Africa, Girish Johar

Looking beyond the monetary value of the 2018 Innovation Awards competition, Ericsson organisers of the global award that has a special regional category said that it has the capacity to create future opportunities.
Registration for the award which has been announced by Ericsson is meant for students worldwide and has the theme ’The Future of Truth’.
Head of Human Resources,Ericsson Region Middle East and Africa, Girish Johar revealed that the competition is an invitation for the youth to join the discussion and showcase how their talent and innovations that can help the world of ICT develop future opportunities.
According to him, Ericsson believe in the power of ICT and has witnessed how it can impact the world for the better saying that the next generation of mobile networks are launching with the promise of improving lives like never before, and the future of technology is in the hands of the next generation.
He noted that registration begins on November 15th, 2017 and that all entries will have a chance to win a trip to Stockholm, an expert Ericsson mentorship and a €25,000 grand prize.
Explaining the idea behind the theme, he said that is about “How will we find, validate and share truth in the age of ICT, saying “How can you influence the perception of truth? Will your ideas shape the future understanding of reality? Can you improve the ways we find the truth, validate information or share stories and facts? Now is your time to apply your ideas and really have an impact. Whatever you do decide, you’ll have the opportunity to excel.”
He said: “For the regional competition, each of the seven regional winners will receive a €1,000 cash prize, a recruiter interview for a job or internship, a prominent feature on Ericsson digital media, and a certificate of achievement, in addition to special recognition and prizes offered within their respective regions.”
He said that “the global competition will consist of semi-finalists and finalists. All semi-finalists will receive two months of mentorship from Ericsson experts in innovation and business. Semi-finalists will also receive recognition on social and digital media, recruiter interviews and a certificate of achievement.”
Johar further said that all finalist team members will receive a trip to Stockholm, Sweden to compete live at the Grand Final event, including airfare, hotel accommodations, group meals, transportation and other expenses.
The category of prizes according to him is that the finalists will also receive an additional month of mentorship and recognition across Ericsson social media and digital channels adding that the competition winners will receive prizes of: Grand Prize: €25,000, 2nd Place: €10,000, 3rd Place: €5,000, 4th place: €2,000
Ericsson has been helping shape the future of Mobile and Broadband Internet communications through its continued efforts to be a technology leader. Providing innovative solution and teams that will help manage projects across the world to create the most powerful communication companies.
Isaiah Erhiawarien, West Africa


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