Greece Launches Tech Talents Hunt for Africans to Work at Greek Start-ups

An opportunity has been opened for tech talents of in sub-Sahara Africa to migrate easily to Greece as Starttech Ventures has launched a global competition for that purpose.


The aim is to attract skilled workers to Greek start-ups. Those with the required skills can win a job at a start-up in Athens. They will also receive support in relocating to Greece.

“Our recent survey shows that our start-ups are restricted in their growth due to difficulties finding the right people to fill their vacant positions. That is why we are launching a global competition to win a job and free legal and administrative support in obtaining an EU visa,” said Dimitris Tsingos, founder of Starttech Ventures.

The survey results will be published during an online seminar on Wednesday, September 21, 2022. Here, people interested in entering can ask questions to start-up founders and learn more about the opportunity.

“All applicants will go through a process of interviews and online assessment. After that, ten people will receive financial support and guidance to relocate to Greece with their families. We will support them all the way. The basic requirements are to have the software and programming skills that our start-ups are looking for and to know enough English to communicate on a work-based level,” said Dimitris Tsingos.

To enter the competition and register for the seminar here.

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