Heritage Backs CBN Bank Financial Literacy, Empowers 5,544 Pupils

Ifie Sekibo

Heritage Bank Plc has given support to the Central Bank of Nigeria’s Financial Literacy Day by empowering 5, 544 (pupils and teachers) in 11 secondary schools across the country.
The support on the sideline of the Global Money Week, alongside the CBN’s Financial Literacy Day, a globally celebrated event to promote savings, drive Financial Inclusion, invariably gain a higher standard of life and secure the economy, which is the crux of the Bank’s financial literacy programs.
For the fifth year running, Heritage Bank has successfully commemorated the CBN Financial Literacy Day.
This year, CBN directed Heritage Bank to adopt schools in Benue, Adamawa, Jigawa, Plateau, Imo, Bayelsa and Ogun States for Financial Literacy workshop. The day afforded 5, 544 participants (teachers and students) with financial education.
The workshop was premised on the Global Money Week theme: #MoneyMattersMatter. Students and teachers were taught several concepts including; the role and management of money, needs and wants, benefit of budgeting, spending and savings.
Others include savings with a financial institution, the basics of financial education and Heritage Bank savings product for young persons (Bud Account).
Chief Executive Officer/Managing Director of Heritage Bank, Ifie Sekibo at the event reiterated the importance for young Nigerians to financially and economically equiped for the development of the nation.
He said that Nigerian youths and those around the world need to be fortified economically via financial literacy knowledge acquisition, which will foster the importance of understanding savings culture and entrepreneurship.
In line with its mission to create, preserve and transfer wealth across generations, Sekibo said Heritage Bank developed the HB Bud Savings Account to help its customers to create wealth for the children and provide them a future of financial independence.
“As a bank committed to creating, preserving and transferring wealth from one generation to the next, we have consistently maintained our position as the leading brand in financial inclusion initiatives by leveraging on CBN’s mandate to impact schools across the geopolitical zones and improve financial inclusion,” he reiterated.
He said opening a savings account for a child is one of the best ways to introduce him/her to that concept of saving at an early age explaining that one of the ways the bank has continued to promote savings amongst children is the introduction of “My day as a banker” which is also the Heritage Bank’s unique way of promoting financial literacy among children, which is the core of the HB Bud Savings Account, specially designed to promote savings habit among children and youths.
Meanwhile, other senior employees of the bank visited other select schools in the country as directed by the apex bank to promote financial literacy.
According to the Bank, today’s children and youth should become empowered economic citizens, capable of understanding the importance of saving, and equipped with the skills to be employed and create their own livelihoods.
The bank wants young people to learn to manage their money wisely. By empowering children and youth, Heritage Bank can help them create a positive wave that will expand from themselves, to their families, to entire communities and the economy at large.


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