Hologram Technology Rides on 5G as NCC Projects Minister’s Speech to Governor at Broadband Forum

The Minister addressing the Governors using holograms riding on 5G technology

The Nigerian Communications Commission(NCC) today in the Nigerian capital city used the hologram digital technology riding on the back of the fifth generation technology network otherwise know as the 5G to project the Minister of Communication and Digital Economy, Prof Isa Pantami’s address to the Nigerian governors taking part in the Broadband Awareness Forum.


Secretary to the State Government of Zamfara State communicated with the Pantami via Hologram at the event.

The use of holograms in hybrid events brings many great benefits such as allowing speakers who cannot attend the in person event to speak to the audience as though they are there. Some speakers may be confined to a particular space for various reasons but hologram technology gives speakers the convenience and flexibility of presenting remotely.

This means event managers are not limited to using speakers or entertainers who can attend the event when a hologram can stand in for them. The use of holograms is convenient and flexible when it comes to scheduling but it can also help reduce travel costs.

Another great benefit to using holograms is the unique experience it can bring to your event and to your brand. While earlier examples show the holograms have been around for some time, the technology can still manage to bring the wow factor to your brand experiences.

More brands are harnessing the potential of immersive 3D holograms to reach out to a much wider market and form stronger relationships to a more younger, tech-savvy customers like never before.

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