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Scan to Pay Unveils Voucher System for

Scan to Pay, powered by Ukheshe, the largest QR payment ecosystem in South Africa, has unveiled a significant expansion of its voucher system. This new phase introduces the ability for South

JUXTA Unveils Micro-Store to Liberate Operators from

JUXTA, a global technology- and micro-convenience retail-company launched in August, has released further details highlighting how the brand’s autonomous Nomad micro-store provides the ideal technological solution to liberate operators from

Food e-commerce Startup Pricepally Secures $1.3m Funding

Nigerian Food e-Commerce startup Pricepally, a fresh and packaged platform, has secured $1.3 million in seed funding to help it scale. Launched in 2019 by Luther Lawoyin, Jumai Abalaka, Deepak

Mobile Marketing, Unstoppable Force Shaping our Daily

n a digital age, the cellphone is indeed king, with mobile marketing becoming an unstoppable force that significantly shapes our daily interactions, purchases and communication. Oberlo reports that the number of global