How to Leverage AI for Optimal Health and Wellbeing

AI-enabled wearables and devices are transforming healthcare and putting the power to predict future illnesses and ultimately improve outcomes in the hands of the individual users, notes biotech expert Harry Glorikian.


“All of these sensors and technologies that are coming to the forefront are actually creating the opportunity for an individual to have their own personalized dashboard … where, instead of waiting for that silent killer to sneak up on them, you can see it when it’s coming,” Glorikian said in a recent interview.

In his new book, The Future You: How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Can Help You Get Healthier, Stress Less, and Live Longer, Glorikian helps readers understand how to use technology (that they very likely already have) to create personalized healthcare experiences.

“The scenarios I’m going to describe in this book don’t just apply to someone with a rare condition or who is seriously ill,” he wrote in his book’s introduction. “These are examples of how everyone can take advantage of AI and data analytics to stay healthy, get diagnosed more quickly, and sometimes, save on healthcare costs.”

In The Future You, readers will discover

– The ways in which technology and AI are already impacting healthcare and what new technologies are on the horizon

– The new healthcare business paradigm and how to navigate it

– How AI is helping doctors diagnose different cancers more precisely

– How everyday people have used smartphone and smartwatch technology to reach their health and fitness goals — and sometimes to survive a health crisis

– How to use and leverage AI data to improve health in monumental ways

– How to use available tech to simplify healthcare scenarios such as doctor visits, managing one’s own health records, coping with chronic disease, broadening awareness about a specific genetic profile and much more

– How scientists around the world used AI to develop COVID vaccines and how AI will help scientists predict future outbreaks more rapidly

Glorikian’s overarching message is clear: There’s quite literally nothing about health and wellness that won’t be utterly transformed by the power of AI. The Future You will show readers what’s coming — and what is already here.

“I want readers to feel inspired to see how they can use the technology they already have to make changes in their lives,” Glorikian said.

“Maybe it’s as simple as using your smartphone to count your daily steps. Or maybe it’s downloading a meal-tracking app or doing a virtual reality workout. This book can be a roadmap to personalized health and wellness for everyone.” 

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