Industry Validation Panacea for Africa’s Software Success, Says Expert


For a software product to be technically successful it ought to have passed through validation processes prescribed by software industry.
Those were the submission of an International Software Development Engineer, Tech entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Sens Orbit Nigeria and Soft Digital from the Republic of Benin, Mrs. Rachael Orumor at the SITIC AFIRCA-CANADA Conference at Montreal, Canada.


Orumor who spoke on the Africa-Canada 2.0 Relationship disclosed that the African tech ecosystem exists in all form of sizes noting that in comparison to Europe and North America, African tech ecosystem is still emerging hence the software industry is not fully developed in comparison to those of developed economy.

According to her, absence of industry validation was responsible for the lack of technical success of African base software adding that the most popular skill in Africa is the Software programming and Graphics design aspect of the whole chain of app production.

Assessing further the African software industry, Orumor who has reputable records of global technical and professional experiences and has worked as a consultant in the field of software engineering and robotics stated that in West Africa, tech communities exists virtually in all programming languages/technologies, while African Tech ecosystem is more start-ups-product-focussed for the moment.

She however noted that many start-ups companies have emerged in recent years saying that this is partly due to the availability of internet and low cost smartphones in most countries.

While calling on Canada software industry to develop a relationship with Africa, she stated that there’s need to develop/provide solutions through technology products and focus on developing the Software Industry.

And in developing the Tech Industry, she suggested two solutions, which are developing African software industry for Africa and developing African software industry for the rest of the world.

Orumor, an associate lecturer of two prestigious ICT Universities in Republic of Benin revealed that most developers in Africa are not taught software development in a structured way in universities and that some of the principles in software development are not present.

She mentioned quality as an issue, saying that most developers on the continent are still unaware of how intellectual property laws works, which is a key factor in developing the software industry in Africa.

Orumor who has worked with many software firms in Africa in order to help them adopt best practices in software industry appealed for an enterprise-driven solutions and that the continent needs cooperation and externalisation of skills via freelancing.

While calling on the developed software industry to leverage on Africa’s tech ecosystem, she observed that it is vital to create a durable a win-win outsourcing window, create a platform where unemployed graduates can polish their skills and work internally.

According to her, a lot of IT trained youths desire to travel out of their countries to get jobs overseas, and that a fraction of these youths will stay back home if they have a platform for same opportunities.

“What we need is that link to take advantage of opportunities on the other side. We need to create structured communities whose members’ skill-set will be tailored towards Canadian companies’ needs”, she said.
Isaiah Erhiawarien

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