JUST IN: Amazon Rules Online Marketplace with 5.6 Billion Monthly Visits

Amazon continues to be the undisputed leading online marketplace. According to the numbers presented by SafeBettingSites.com, the American e-commerce platform attracts 5.6 billion customer visits every month. The United States and Europe are significant contributors to Amazon’s numbers.


EBay Second Biggest Marketplace With 3 Billion Visits
From an eCommerce giant, Amazon has evolved into an information technology company in recent years. However, its grip on the online market hasn’t loosened. According to the numbers available on Statista.com, Amazon attracted 5.7 billion visits per month during the month of July.

The second most popular online shopping platform also comes from the United States in, eBay. Initially founded in 1995, the company attracted almost 3 billion monthly views in July.

The rest of the companies are far behind the top two names in the competition. Singapore-based Shopee was the third-most-popular eCommerce platform globally, with 631.2 million visits monthly. Shopee, founded in 2015, majorly serves the Southeast Asian market.

Japanese online retailer Rakuten was not far behind with 590.8 million monthly visits. Chinese retail giant Alibaba has struggled in recent years. However, its online retail arm, AliExpress, is still the world’s fifth most popular online marketplace. AliExpress attracted 526.4 million visits.

Only two of the remaining names on the list originate from the United States. Walmart’s online store is sixth with 514 million monthly visits, and Etsy is eighth with 397.5 million visits.

Argentinian company Marcado Libre is the seventh most popular online shopping platform globally. It attracted 447 million visits in July.

Alibaba’s Taobao is ninth on the list, with 333.1 million visits. Russia-based Wildberries complete the top ten with 279.8 million visits.

When we look at numbers from different geographical regions, Amazon leads the market in the US, the UK, and Europe.

In the United States, Amazon received 2.7 billion visits to be the most popular platform in the country. Furthermore, Amazon received 1070 million visits in Europe and 400 million visits in the UK. eBay is the second most popular platform in all three markets.

Taobao is the most popular platform in China, with 333.1 million visits. Pinduoduo follows it in the second spot. Mercado Libre is the most popular platform in the Latin American market, with 447 million visits from the region. China-based AliExpress is the second-most popular online shopping platform in Latin America.

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