JUST IN: Telecoms Operators Revenue Hit N3.2trl Amid Drop in FDI to Over $524m

Fiber Optic Deployment is 47,128.7km while base station 38,123

The 2021 year end telecoms provider’s financial data provided by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), showed that the telecoms operators had an impressive performance in its revenue generation making N3,072,264,433.32 in 2021 as against N2,880,660,709,902.25 in 2020 but the GSM operators had the highest revenue of N2,774,128,600,000.00 in the year under revenue.


The GSM operators alone made N2,774,128,600,000.00 while the operating cost for the operators was N1,720,547,371,856.01 even as they spend N10,122,690,514.79 on value added services and N2,329,068,819.71 on collocation and infrastructure sharing.

However, there was a drop in capital inflow (Foreign Direct Investment) into the Nigerian Telecoms Industry in
Year 2021 as it dropped from $942,863,833.96 in 2020 to $417,481,615.30 in 202i.

Also there has been an increase in infrastructure deployment in the telecoms industry statistics released by the NCC revealed.

The telecoms regulator in its 2021 Subscriber/Network Data Annual Report published today, showed that the telecoms operators have deployed several telecom infrastructures noting that the telecoms operating companies increased their deployment of fibre optic cable from 43,898.8km in Year 2020 to 47,128km in 2021.

According to the report, MTN Nigeria led the deployment by 14,612km followed by Airtel Nigeria which land fiber deployment and Glo, EMTS (9Mobile), and Ntel deploying 13,233km; 4,650km and 180km respectively.

The report which was prepared by the Policy Competition and Economic Analysis Depart of the NCC stated that there was a substantial telecom infrastructure deployment by the operators in 2021 as a total of 49,579 towers were recorded from Mobile & Fixed Operators as well as Collocation and Infrastructure Companies.

The operators also reported a total number of 38,288 Base Stations.

The figure showed that microwave coverage recorded in Year 2021 stood at 290,940.69km, which covers the mobile and fixed operators adding that the mobile, fixed and other operators recorded a total number of 99 Gateways in use in the Industry as at December 2021 while fiber optics deployment stood at 86,057km (terrestrial fiber & submarine
cable) as at December 2021.

The Commission said further that as at December, 2021 the total submarine fiber deployment in kilometer was
27,818.3km as against 25,128.3km in year 2020 which was an increase of 10.7% within the year under consideration adding that the fiber deployment by four Mobile Operators are: MTN Nigeria-17,934km; GLO- 9,800km; Airtel Nigeria and NTEL- 70km.

The report also showed that the operators made significant investment in base stations for mobile as the total base stations owned by mobile telecoms operating companies increased to 38,123 from 36,998 in December, 2020 across
all states of the Federation representing an increase of 3.04% from the previous year.

The analysis of towers across the states of the country showed that the top five states with highest number of towers are Lagos, Ogun, Oyo Rivers and FCT while the states with the least number of base stations are: Jigawa, Ebonyi, Gombe, Yobe and Zamfara.

The figures indicated that Lagos, Ogun, Rivers, FCT, Oyo and Edo had 5,851 2,418 2,049 1,944 1,713 1,556 number of
towers respectively while kebbi, Bayelsa, Ebonyi, Gombe, Yobe and Zamfara recorded the deployment of 415, 367, 363, 356, 316, and 283 by the operators.

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