LG Electronics Fortune to Crash this Year as Hisense Steps-Up Game

South Korea’s tech companies LG Electronics announced its operating earnings would drop at an alarming pace, shedding light on the worsening market conditions and greater economic risks this year.


LG Electronics, the country’s No. 2 home appliance maker, announced a sharp drop in earnings. The company said Friday its fourth-quarter operating profit would drop to 65.5 billion won, down a whopping 91.2 percent from a year earlier, though its revenue rose 5.2 percent to 21.85 trillion won in the same period.

LG, known for its cutting-edge OLED TV and computer monitors as well as popular home appliances, is said to have suffered a setback in earnings due to a rise in raw material prices in line with the weakening Korean currency, among a host of negative factors.

LG in the most recent quarter was widely expected. But the pace of the drop was clearly above market expectations, adding to fears that their performance in coming quarters might be gloomier than previously forecast.

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