New Horizons Summit to Address IT Governance, Risks On Business Productivity

Tim akano, MD New Horizons

New Horizons, a private information technology training company 2018 Leadership and Technology Summit would x-ray how information technology governance and risk management impacts on their business productivity in the digital age.
A statement from the company said that Summit with the theme: Leading for Optimal Performance in the Digital Age, holding in Lagos, South West Nigeria, would help businesses understand the future of learning and integrating new innovations in leadership and change management for maximum business productivity.
According to the statement, the Summit, which is organised in partnership with Logical Operations, a publisher and certification company from Belgium would examine how situational leadership, IT governance, risks and compliance amongst others and expose top decision makers, training directors, human resource directors, CIOs, CTOs to the latest technology innovations driving maximum business productivity.
Commenting on the proposed Summit, James Varnham, Managing Director, Logical Operations said the Center for Leadership and Development to facilitate IT Governance, Risks, Compliance would be unveiled.
Other facilitators expected at the event include Myles Runham (UK), a global expert in digital learning, integration and development would speak on Leadership, Change Management and the future of Learning in a Digital Age.
Runham was a one-time head of interactive learning and digital academy, BBC, and former CEO of Europe while Michael Smith (USA), Group VP, International Operations and Franchise Development, New Horizons International would anchor the topic, Center for Leadership and Development: A powerful tool for growth for you and your organisation.
Managing Director, New Horizons Nigeria, Mr. Tim Akano, in his comment concerning the event said “in this digital age-the quest for quality and revolutionary leadership skill across every strata of the corporate world cannot be overemphasised.”
He explained that new paradigm was introduced to teach leadership courses both for ICT professionals and non -ICT professionals adding, “It has been discovered that 80 per cent of the time when projects fail in an organisation, including government agencies- it is not due to lack of technical competence but mostly as a result of poor leadership skills.”
He Akano urged all business managers and senior government officials to take advantage of the New Horizons opportunity and get empowered with the new set of skills required to thrive in the new normal world of uncertainty and constant change.


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