Nigeria Amongst Top 10 Countries with Least Internet Restrictions But Failed on Social Media

A new study has revealed the countries with the most & least internet restrictions in the world and Nigeria ranks amongst the top 10 least restricted countries, with an internet restriction score of 5.4/10.


Proxyrack have analyzed internet freedom, censorship, the number of people online per 100,000 people and social media restrictions to reveal the most and least internet-restricted countries.

But among the top 10 countries, which has most of the developed countries of the world, Nigeria is the second country together with the Philippines that had suffered social media restriction while Nigeria is the country with the least number of people online.

And among the top 10, Nigeria scored the highest on Internet Restriction recording 5.40.

The research & further findings has revealed:

The United Kingdom is the least Internet restricted country in the world, with 99,231 people online (per 100,000), a censorship score of 2, an Internet freedom score of 78 and 0 social media restrictions.

China is the most Internet-restricted country in the world, with 71,534 people online (per 100,000), a censorship score of 11, an Internet freedom score of 10, and 2 social media restrictions.

Germany has the most internet freedoms – with an internet freedom score of 79/100.

Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, The United Kingdom, and The United States have the least internet censorship in the world – all with a score of 2/11.

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