Nigeria Marks 25 Yrs of Internet Society Tomorrow

NIGERIA will tomorrow in Lagos south West Nigeria join other internet savvy and the Internet Society to celebrate the Internet Society’s 25th year of advocacy for an open, trusted Internet available to everyone and everywhere.
According to the Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NiRA), which hosting the celebration in Nigeria, today the challenges to the open Internet have never been greater and everyone is needed to join in confronting those challenges.
NiRA said that during this anniversary year, the Internet Society don’t just want to look back over the past 25 years “we want to apply that experience to look forward to the next 25 years on the Internet.”
It said in a statement that in this 25th anniversary year, “we look forward to joining with you to build a better, stronger Internet across the globe for the future.”
The statement said: “We have a story to tell around our 25th anniversary year. And we need you to help us tell it. This special edition of InterCommunity encircles the world with a global conversation. We will exchange ideas and share perspectives on the future of the Internet.
“We will focus on how to support Internet-led innovation, promote the use of best practice technologies and encourage the adoption of policies that enable an open Internet for everyone. We all have an important mission to safeguard and protect the Internet we believe in.”


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