Nigeria Start-up Unveils Money Machine for Private Cars

ONE of the Nigeria’s start-up Drivertise has unveiled what could be described as money making machine for private cars using mobile adverts strategy.
According to the brains behind the initiative, the goal is to create a new advertising channel for brands by pairing them with everyday car users looking to earn extra income by using their cars as a medium of advertising.
Prospective “Drivertisers” can sign up on the Drivertise website, and can choose the type of brand they want on their cars and what kind of branding options they want.
Brands can select cars in locations where they need the most impressions and get analytics reports on the daily movement of cars carrying their brand campaigns. Drivertise ensures that all drivers are thoroughly vetted and trained.
“The importance of advertising cannot be over-emphasised in every business, and sometimes is the competitive advantage a company holds over a rival. Imagine having a good product without the right channel of communication to target consumers,” chief executive officer (CEO) Gbolahan Faniran told Disrupt Africa.
“Startups, small and medium scale businesses are on the increase in Nigeria and large-scale businesses are seeking cost effective ways of promoting products and service. Drivertise aims to help them reach their potential consumers in a new and more effective way.”
The team have been working on the start-up since last year, and opened the portal to potential drivers in April.
“This idea is rapidly growing around the world and, after doing our research, we found a need for it in the Nigerian market,” Faniran said.
“In terms of competition, there are companies in that space but we believe we have a competitive advantage that will make us stay ahead in the market.”
Thus far Drivertise has been self-funding, but it has formed strategic partnerships with some firms to reduce some cost burdens. Faniran says the response has been “overwhelming”, with Drivertise currently having over 100 drivers signed up and two major brands interested in using the platform for their brand campaigns.
“Currently, we are in the Lagos market but we hope to enter other cities in Nigeria by the end of the year. However, our long-term goal is to eventually dominate the market in West-African sub-region,” said Faniran.
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