Nigerian Government Slashes Internet Data Cost for Citizens by 50%

Dr. Pantami

The Nigeria Government has reduced cost for internet data for the citizens crashing the average cost of 1GB of data from the January 2020 cost of N1,000 to N487.18 in November, 2020.


The new data cost is a directive from Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Dr. Isa Pantami based on a Report by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) submitted to the Minister following the implementation of the directives.

According to a statement by the Technical Assistant (Information Technology) to the Minister, Dr. Femi Adeluyi, the Minister had inaugurated a Committee that developed the Nigerian National Broadband Plan (2020-2025) on the 16th of December, 2019.

The Plan, which was unveiled and launched by President Muhammadu Buhari, was meant to reduce the average cost of 1GB of data to a maximum of N390 by 2025.

“With the January 2020 baseline of N1,000 per GB, the maximum projected steady decrease for the end of each year was as follows: 2020 (N925), 2021 (N850), 2022 (N775), 2023 (N700), 2024 (N545) and 2025 (N390)”, the statement said.

The statement further said: “In line with Dr Pantami’s commitment to under promise and over deliver, the measures have caused the current cost of data to reduce significantly beyond the December 2020 projection of N925. Based the Report by NCC, the average cost of data as at November 2020 was N487.18, which amounts to 47.33% lower than the projected value. The Report also indicates that the cost of data in November 2020 was less than 50% of the cost of data in January 2020.”

The Minister assured that through the NCC, it would continue to ensure that consumers enjoy a price regime that supports fairness and is friendly to consumers, adding “Policies are in place to ensure that operators adopt competitive pricing that eschews unjustifiable margins. The general public may also wish to note that complaints about rapid data depletion are also being investigated.”

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