Nigerian Minister Seeks Global Partnership to Fast-Track Digital Economy Growth of Nations

Other nations of the world need to collaborate to help developing ones to fast-track the digitalization of their economy.


According to the Nigerian Minister of Communication and Digital Economy, Prof Isa Pantami, member states of the Digital Cooperation Organisation (DCO) needs to prioritise and adopt collaborative strategies and initiatives as a vital part of the efforts to achieve digitalization.

Pantami who was speaking at the ongoing LEAP Technology Conference and Exhibition in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, called on nations to collaborate to achieve global economy digitalization noting that the way other countries can benefit from the progress made by other countries on economic digitalization is for all to embrace collaborations and partnerships.

He stated that at a special DCO panel session titled: Deep Dive: The Road To International Digital Economy Through Innovation-Bridging Digital Divides And Breaking Down Barriers that there is no monopoly of wisdom and knowledge stressing, “your strength could be the weakness of your neighbour and your weakness could be the strength of your neighbour.”

The Nigerian Minister explained that through partnerships and collaborations, “we can complement each other. DCO has been established in order to support, collaborate and partner with each other because, our strength is in our unity. When members of the DCO agree to take a certain position, there is no institution in the world that will not listen to them”.

He added: “developing a digital economy is hinged on two factors; digital innovation and entrepreneurship”.
The Minister noted that digital innovation, digital entrepreneurship and enabling policies have been the bedrock of the fastest growing sector in the Nigerian economy.

“The Nigerian government has established twenty-one national policies which are in full effect to encourage development in the sector, the establishment of a National Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, aggressive investments in digital skills capacity building including championing a paradigm shift of prioritizing skills over unproven certificates are some of the initiatives we have explored in developing the sector in Nigeria.”

Pantami also took time to give sector score card of how Nigeria has performed in the area of digital economy stating that there has been significant increase in revenue generation, consistent increase in the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) which currently stands at 18.44%.

He said that there has been an unprecedented increase in the national data base which had remained at thirty-nine million for thirteen years to ninety five million within two years and three months, ICT intervention centers, digital skills acquisition among others.

The DCO Secretary General, Ms Deema Yahya, moderated the session on the strategies adopted by Nigeria in its digital success.

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