Nigerian Music Distributor Caketunes Set for Biz

Nigerian start-up Caketunes has launched its music distribution and production platform for artists and music producers, with producers able to sell their beats and musicians given the ability to find new fans.
Launched in September, Caketunes turns producers into online merchants while also allowing artists to sort by beats with an advanced algorithm detecting a user’s taste.
Co-founder and chief executive officer, Ability Elijah said Caketunes was formed after the team discovered a huge gap in the African music space, with music producers forced to post free beats online to gain work or sell their wares on social media.
“Beats are very costly, whether offline or online, in Africa, and good producers are also hard to find. We’ve solved affordable pricing already,” he said.
Though based in Nigeria, Elijah said Caketunes is Africa-focused, and also targeting countries like Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, Tanzania and Uganda.
The start-up is currently bootstrapping, and has 20 producers and 500 artists registered who have so far uploaded over 80 beats and 800 songs.


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