Nigeria’s Broadband Penetration Drops by 3.87%

Nigeria’s broadband penetration has continued its usual to fall as February recorded 42.06 per cent from 42.93 per cent in January, a 3.87 per cent decrease from 45.93 per cent recorded in October 2020.


Statistics from the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) quarterly telecoms report showed inconsistent growth of broadband penetration for a period under review between March 2020 and February 2021.

Also mobile Internet subscribers fall by 2.76 million in February, with the total number of Internet users dropping to 148.13 million from 150.89 million in January.

According to the NCC, the number of telecom subscribers in the country dropped by 11.84 million in four months with loss of 4.13 million active subscribers in February 2021, as the industry recorded 195.73 million GSM users in the month.

Previous report showed that a loss of 46,648 subscribers in November 2020 by the mobile operators followed by a fall of 3.38 million subscribers in December 2020 and then a loss of 4.29 million subscribers in January 2021.

The report, which also captured the dominant mobile operator in Nigeria’s telecoms market revealed that MTN remained largest mobile network operator with 39.52 per cent market share even as 9mobile retains the position of the fourth operator with 6.41 per cent market share.

Also the tele-density decreased by 2.17 per cent as the number of subscriptions went down from 200.21 million in January to 196.07 million in February.

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