Nigeria’s Internet Download Speed Now 7.3 Mbps, Rank Among Lowest in Africa

Nigeria currently is in the group of countries in the world with the lowest internet download speed hanging in the 91th position with a download speed of 7.3 Mbps falling far below countries like Cameroon, Senegal, Kenya and Ivory Coast.


The 2020 report on mobile experience from Opensignal showed that South Africa leads the African continent with a download speed of 19.1 Mbps also showed that in Africa, Nigeria is the fifth country with lowest download speed.

While South Africa leads the continent others followed with Morroco having a 17.4 Mbps, Tunisia 15.5, Kenya 10.9, Egypt 10.7, Senegal 9.1, Cameroun 7.5, Ivory Coast 7.4, Ghana 6.8, Somalia 6.4, Tanzania 5.4 and Algeria 4.0 Mbps.

The user experience measurement company report compared mobile experience in 100 countries across six domains: upload and download speed, video, voice and games experience, and 4G availability.

On the percentage change in download speed experience the last report was released in 2019, Senegal topped the global chat with 77.3 % while in Africa, Morocco was in the second position with 55.8 %, followed by Nigeria 34.2, Ghana 32.8, South Africa 27.7, Algeria 27.3, Egypt 24.1

In the global ranking, the report showed Senegal having the greatest improvement in percentage terms where users saw an incredible 77.3% increase in their observed download speeds, followed by Nepal with an increase of 70% and Thailand came fourth with an increase of 61%.

Several other Asian countries have also seen impressive gains, including Vietnam (46.6%), Indonesia (45.2%) and Cambodia (42.6%).

The report indicated that much of the top of the table was dominated by countries hailing from the Middle East (U.A.E., 61.7%; Saudi Arabia, 57%; and Lebanon, 41.1%), and those from Central and South America including Uruguay, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Argentina and the Dominican Republic.

The average download speeds we have observed across the 100 countries
we’ve been tracking (weighted for population) have risen by 3 Mbps to 15.4
Mbps, an increase of 24.3%.

According to report, users in 15 countries are now enjoying an excellent video experience noting that with people around the world forced to spend more of their leisure time consuming screen-based content during the lockdowns that many countries are experiencing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of a good mobile video streaming experience has never been higher.

The figures showed that the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Austria and
Norway statistically tied for first place, in contrast to the first quarter of 2019,
when Norway and Hungary were the only countries that were tied for the top

Significantly, while there is a relationship between download speeds and the quality of the Video Experience, the strength of the correlation between the two declines as speeds increase.

This is most clearly demonstrated by the fact that the Czech Republic, where our users saw average download speeds of 32.7 Mbps tied for first place for Video Experience with the Netherlands, where average speeds were 54.8 Mbps.

Also the report showed that the number of countries where 4G Availability was in excess of 95% has doubled from three to six countries in the last year. Users in 21 countries have reported 4G Availability in the 90-95% range-up from 12 while the number of countries where our 4G users were on average connected to a 4G signal 40-70% of the time has shrunk from 19 to just 7.

Isaiah Erhiawarien, Lagos

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