Nokia Throws-Up IoT Challenge for African Start-Ups

Kathrin Buvac,Chief Strategy Officer, Nokia

NOKIA has throw open its Open Innovation Challenge for the fifth year running, focusing now on the Internet of Things (IoT) for smart cities, mobility, safety and security, and connected industries.
The challenge is being organised in partnership with private venture firm Nokia Growth Partners.
According to Nokia, it is shaping a new revolution in technology, where networks augment and aid daily lives adding “We create the technology that connects the world and are looking to co-innovate with the ecosystem to invent disruptive technologies.”
It urged startups and innovators who are working on the next big ideas in IoT to improve people lives and able to demonstrate a working prototype for their idea to key into the project noting that co-innovation is an essential part of Nokia’s ambition to bring in people with creative ideas and smart solutions.
The Nokia Open Innovation Challenge is aimed improving cities by solving many urban challenges, improving safety with technology, improving how we interact and experience the world around us with virtual reality and machine interactions and enabling the next industrial revolution with LTE, robotics and sensors as well as improving health with digital technologies.
A statement from Nokia said that sbmissions will be accepted between June 8 and September 20, after which they will be assessed and the top teams will be invited to a two-day concept development workshop with Nokia experts in Helsinki in November. The final judging and the award ceremony will be held right after the workshop.
Kathrin Buvac, Chief Strategy Officer of Nokia said, “The industrial revolution is well on its way. Ultimately our aim at Nokia is to create technology that connects the world, a challenge which we embrace with nothing less than our relentless passion for innovation. But we know, that we cannot succeed alone.”
He noted: “Co-innovating in an open ecosystem with start-ups and large tech companies in a healthy balance is so essential. The Nokia Open Innovation Challenge is a fantastic opportunity for innovators and entrepreneurs to join us as we embrace the challenge of creating technology to serve the growing needs for the Internet of Things.”
Also Bo Ilsoe, Partner of Nokia Growth Partners, said:“The Nokia Open Innovation Challenge is a celebration of entrepreneurship and innovation in IoT as well as a fantastic opportunity to partner with a large technology corporation. We have sponsored the initiative for four years now because we always meet interesting companies through the challenge.”


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