OPPO Unveils New 6G White Paper Examining Future of World Mobility

OPPO today officially released its new 6G white paper, a Versatile 6G with Minimized Kernel: To Build the Mobile World. Drawing on OPPO’s forward-looking research and exploration into 6G, the white paper proposes an innovative ‘versatile 6G system with minimized kernel’ that aims to provide a more actionable solution for the next generation of mobile communication systems.


The proposed system “modularizes” 6G capabilities and intelligently “splices” different capability modules according to the specific needs of any given scenario. This will enable 6G networks to be more adaptable and efficient when providing the underlying communications support for the convergence of masses of devices and networks in the future.

OPPO’s vision for 5G and 6G technology is to enable a truly mobile world. Steps towards this mobile future have already been made with 5G, which has evolved the role of communications technology from simple “connectivity” to the Internet of Things with a multitude of different devices. Based on this vision, a key direction for the development of 6G technology will be the greater integration of AI technology into communications networks. Such networks will no longer be confined to just transmitting data: instead, they will be able to rapidly transmit and deploy a vast set of AI models.

Among these models, a large number of AI agents will be trained to become intermediaries to help people manage and control all manner of things. As certain AI agents cannot exist in the physical world, this form of ‘management’ can only be realized in the virtual world.

In these cases, digital twins representing physical objects will be constructed in the virtual world, enabling control of the physical world through these virtual proxies. In this way, 6G will help to further advance the Internet of Things from a series of connected devices to a series of converged devices operating as part of intelligent networks.

Based on this vision, the white paper proposes the role of 6G as one which facilitates communication between the virtual world and the real world, realizing the interconnection and convergence of these two worlds to form the basis of the metaverse and the foundations for a truly mobile world.

To realize this vision, OPPO has proposed a new design idea for 6G called “the versatile 6G system with minimized kernel”. The concept consists of a “minimized 6G kernel” that provides shared capabilities such as native AI, spectrum sharing and security, and multiple “6G subsystems”.

The design comprises a suite of technologies covering disciplines such as the integration of AI and 6G, security architecture, spectrum sharing, mobile broadband and D2D protocols, improved low latency and reliability, the integration of communication and sensing, zero-power technology, and more. Compared to the “scalable parameter sets + network slices” approach to network resource allocation used in 5G, this new solution allows 6G to be better optimized for vertical applications.

Within this system, the minimized 6G kernel provides the underlying capabilities shared by all subsystems within the network. The AI capabilities integrated through 6G will help the network to efficiently deploy the different capabilities of the 6G subsystems to the corresponding vertical applications. By intelligently realizing on-demand networking and resource allocation, the networks will be able to meet the ever-changing connectivity needs of different applications.

At the same time, the new security structure will require the establishment of a multi-party trust model and endogenous security with intelligent security to protect a wide range of service data. Finally, flexible spectrum management and sharing will use blockchain technology to simplify spectrum allocation and management and improve spectrum utilization efficiency.

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