Remita Full Version from SystemSpecs Now on Android, iOS

SYSTEMSPECS has on released the full version of its innovative Remita Mobile Application, for both Android and Apple users, to help individuals access all their bank balances on one screen, conveniently make and receive payments across various bank accounts.
The financial technology firm said the Remita app also empowers users to settle various bills, request payment in style, easily manage their expenses, view their payslip and generally stay in control of their finances.
According to the Managing Director of SystemSpecs, Mr. John Obaro, the full ‎release of Remita Mobile App on Google playstore and Apple app store implies that more individuals can now take charge of their finances from anywhere and at any time- from the comfort of their mobile devices.
“Remita app places so much power in the hands of users by making it much easier and faster for them to manage their accounts across various banks and settle bills, on-the-go”, he said.
He ‎said that with Remita Mobile App on their Android or Apple mobile devices, users would be able to send and receive money, manage their accounts across several leading banks in Nigeria, as well as settle bills of various kinds from the comfort of their mobile devices, without needing any other mobile app, any token, or visiting any bank branch.
“Also, whether for a business or personal need, payments can be requested in the most convenient manner and shared by email or any social media channel.
“All the payer had to do is to snap the QR code from their smartphone or tap their devices against the biller’s‎ to complete transactions”, Obaro said.
In addition to feature available on the app as at March of this year when it was released in beta version, users of Remita Mobile App will now ‎enjoy a number of new features which would enable them to seamlessly make payments for others, view their payslips and manage their business and personal accounts with ease.
“As an organisation, we strongly believe that there is no ceiling to ‎innovation. As a result, we are always working to surpass expectations and increase the ease experienced by individuals and businesses”, said Adédéjì Olówè, Executive Director, Product and Services at SystemSpecs.
We are convinced that Remita Mobile App will transform the payment experiences of the users across Nigeria’s financial landscape for good. Among other benefits, the power to make more financially intelligent decisions in now at their fingertip, ” Adédéjì added.
The in-built standard industry security measures as well as specific layers that guarantee the integrity of all access and transactions, including personal security number, fingerprint authentication, one-time password verification, among others.
Remita App is the mobile version of the award-winning Remita payment solution, which has for more than a decade helped many individuals and organisations to make and receive payments easily. Remita Mobile App is available for download on Android playstore and iOS
Dr. Christopher Kolade, chairman, Board of Directors, SystemSpecs , extolled the innovative management team of the Company for rolling out the apps, stressing that “What SystemSpecs has done is a reminder to all of us that there are a lot of goods about Nigeria”.
He said that SystemSpecs has given the country’s financial industry another course to believe in indigenous applications.


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