Tech Talent Hunt Company Launches Feature for Recruiting Complete Developer & Designers Together

MVP Match, a marketplace and community for matchmaking fast-growing companies with global vetted tech talent, unveils its feature for recruiting a complete team of developers and designers from various fields.


Hiring the whole team can significantly benefit the company vs hiring them individually. A company can spend less time on onboarding, allowing a team focusing directly on the working process. A team-lead knows better strengths and weaknesses of their teammates, knows a better approach for everyone, and the team has its proven and effective project management systems.

Today, MVP Match works with more than 100 companies, including tech unicorns, global enterprises, and leading professional services companies and has a talent pool of over 6 000 professionals.

Here is the press release:

Happy to answer any questions you may have and to connect you with Levin Wense, co-founder and CEO of MVP Match.

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