Telecoms Operator Prescribes Recipes for SMEs’ Growth

Yemi Osinbajo, Vice President Nigeria interacts with SMES operators

Small businesses need to adopt integrated and flexible communications plan in order to improve their efficiency, cut cost and expand their bottom lines.
Globacom’s Head of SME Business, Mr. Mike Ehumadu who gave this advice at a Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) Trade Fair organised by the Nigerian Association of Small Scale Industrialists (NASSI), Lagos Branch at Alausa Ikeja, Lagos, South West Nigeria, said communication is one key aspect of any SME operation that can make a difference between success and failure.
Ehumadu addressed a gathering of small business owners operating in various sectors of the economy ranging from agriculture through manufacturing, information and communications technology to fashion and tourism on the third day of the fair, which was designated as Glo Day.
According to him, having an integrated, yet flexible communication plan will enable SMEs to cost-effectively access up-to-date information on their chosen fields, thereby putting them ahead of their competition.
“It is a better world today. You can sit in Nigeria and avail yourself of online training delivered by experts from all over the world via YouTube or similar platforms. All that is required is a smart device with data bundles,” he said.
He said that this precisely was the motivation for the introduction of SME Flexi by Globacom recently, adding that it gives SMEs the integrated communications solution.
He described Glo SME Flexi as one-of-its-kind integrated plan ‘with unmatched value’ that gives users the flexibility to call and use the internet without having to separately buy data bundles. According to him, the package is available in various denominations to suit the wallet of the SMEs. The package includes SME Flexi 500, SME Flexi 1000 and SME Flexi 2000.
He explained that each of these denominations gives its users specific number of talk time and certain number of bytes for data use saying that SME Flexi 500 automatically gives its users 60 minutes of talk time or 650 MB of data, SME Flexi 1000 gives 125 minutes of talk time or 2000MB of data, while SME Flexi 2000 gives 275 minutes of voice call or 5000MB of data.
He further explained that SME Flexi is compatible with Closed User Group (CUG) as well, meaning that SME Flexi users can also integrate the solution with CUG, thereby enabling them to call their members of staff free of charge for a whole month once they pay a rental charge of N500 or N1000.
In addition to getting an integrated communication solution, Mr. Ehumadu advised the SMEs to embrace technology and install a proper accounting solution.


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