Top 5 Women in Tech You Need to Follow

Are you a woman working in the technology field and feel like you’re only one of a few out there? You wouldn’t be wrong, but there are definitely some outstanding role models. We’ve curated a list for you so you could follow these amazing ladies on Twitter and learn from them!

Sheryl Sandberg-Twitter & Instagram


This wouldn’t be a proper list without Sandberg in it. Or heck, even at the very top of this list. Sandberg is the COO of Facebook. She’s written a couple books you need to add to your To-Read list right now. She’s also the founder of She’s recently been ranked as one of Forbes Top Women in Tech. And on more than one occasion ranked one of Fortune Magazine’s Most Powerful Women in Business.

Marissa Mayer -Twitter

Here’s another one that makes this a proper list. Mayer is the CEO of Yahoo! and before that worked with Google working on products like Gmail, Google Search, Google Images, Google Books. Really anything you ever use on Google on a daily basis, Mayer’s had her hands in.

Vanessa Hurst-Twitter

Hurst is the founder of Developers for Good, founder and CEO of CodeMontage, and co-founder for Girls Develop It and WriteSpeakCode. Hurst speaks around the globe and is currently writing a book.

Susan Wojcicki-Twitter & YouTube

Wojcicki is the CEO of YouTube. You know, the place you spend most of your time with cat videos instead of your actual cat. Wojcicki started out as Google’s first marketing manager, eventually moving up to lead projects like AdWords, Analytics, and AdSense. She was also listed once as Time’s Most Influential People.

Angela Ahrendts -Twitter & LinkedIn

Angela is the Senior Vice President of retail at Apple, being the only female senior executive at Apple currently. Previously she was the CEO of Blackberry. She also made the cut for Forbes’ Most Powerful Women in the World as well as Fortune’s Most Powerful Women in Business and BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour Power List. Talk about power!

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