Zambia Engineer Designs Hand Glove Converting Sign Languages to Voice

Weluzani Banda

Respite has come for the physically challenged from a Zambia electrical engineer, Weluzani Banda that successfully developed a hand glove, which converts sign language into voice.


The device using microcontroller-based processor helps convert sign language to voice and has the near field communication (NFC) tags so the blind can also use it to identify various items.

According to Banda, the device which is just a prototype uses a microcontroller-based processor known as a Raspberry that is like the adrenal projects noting that the microcontroller was programmed using Python programming language and took approximately two weeks for the crazy idea to become a success.

He explained that each fingers of the hand glove is fitted with a chip that has an NFC tag so that “when a blind person is wearing the glove and touched anything that we have programmed to help them identify the voice or the speech so that’s how a blind person can actually use this glove.”

The benefits of the device according to him, is that it makes possible to break the barrier of communication between the deaf and the blind particularly as it concerns the sign language.

Commenting on the device, which is still at prototype stage, a blind lady said, “I am a deaf person and I using sign language to communicate I need this glove so that I can training people to communicate by sign language that is the major reason most companies doesn’t want to hire a deaf person coz of lack of communication that’s why most of deaf people are unemployed out there and living on depending on disability grants while others living a better lives it’s not fair most companies need to learning sign language so that we can all get along well and working together.”

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