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Seplat Energy Achieves ISO 26000 Endorsement on Social Responsibility

Seplat Energy Achieves ISO 26000 Endorsement on Social Responsibility

Seplat Energy Plc, Nigerian independent energy company listed on both the Nigerian Exchange Limited (NGX) and the London Stock Exchange (LSE), has achieved the ISO 26000 endorsement, which is a major milestone that reinforces the Company’s commitment to social responsibility.

The Company’s ISO 26000 journey commenced in September 2021 and was concluded in 2023. The two-year journey culminated in the recognition of Seplat Energy’s efforts to operate in a socially responsible way, respecting society, the environment, and the communities in which it operates.

Commenting on this feat, the Chief Executive Officer, Seplat Energy Plc, Mr. Roger Brown, said: “We recognise that social responsibility is integral to our business strategy and essential for long-term success. This recognition has intensified our commitment to create value in the communities where we operate through high-impact corporate social initiatives.”

Mr. Brown commended all the teams and persons within and outside of Seplat Energy that had contributed to the realization of the ISO 26000 feat whilst assuring all stakeholders of the company’s commitment to sustainability.

“Sustainability is at the heart of our business. The two-year journey to this certification has been well worth it and it shows our unwavering commitment to sustainability. For us at Seplat Energy, we will continue to set higher standards and continue to work towards their realization.

The Unveiling of the ISO 26000 Social Responsibility Guidance Management Self-Declaration by Seplat Energy was done in conjunction with International Network for Corporate Social Responsibility (INCSR), an international team of Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility (CS&R) Consultants and Corporate Human Rights Advocates working to promote best practices in sub-Saharan Africa.

Commenting on the achievement by Seplat Energy, the President/Lead Consultant, INCSR, Mr. Eustace Onuegbu, said: “The ISO 26000 certification is a detailed and meticulous process. It is a strategic management system that cuts across all business functions including business relationships. It therefore reflects the true picture of the company and the hard work put in to achieve it. Seplat Energy is only the second company to achieve this certification.”

In the same vein, the Chief Operating Officer, Seplat Energy, Mr. Samson Ezugworie, reiterated that: “This milestone is a landmark achievement and launches Seplat Energy into the global league of social responsibility. The achievement is a testament to the way we relate with staff in terms of labour practices; it reflects the way we comply with regulations, environmental stewardship and our dealing with stakeholders. Our goal is to sustain the milestone.”

The Director, External Affairs and Social Performance, Seplat Energy, Mrs. Chioma Afe, said: “Social responsibility is part of out strategy; so, getting endorsed further verifies and validates that we truly live our strategy, givenall the work that the company has put in over the years.”

Also commenting, the Managing Director, Seplat West Ltd, Mr. Ayodele Olatunde, explained that: “ISO 26000 certification is a major milestone that serves as an assurance of Seplat Energy’s commitment to sustainable corporate social investment, accountability, ethical behaviour, compliance, respect for stakeholders, our people, governance and labour practices. Seplat will continue to build on this achievement, engage stakeholders and deliver increased value”.

Seplat Energy leadership is highly committed to implementing an effective organisational governance system, and therefore has recognised the principles of social responsibility in line with Clause 4 of ISO 26000 in the decision-making, organisational culture, operations, and all business relationships.

These principles are accountability, transparency, ethical behaviour, respect for stakeholder interests, respect for the rule of law, respect for international norms of behaviour and respect for human rights. Importantly, Seplat Energy has a due diligence approach for addressing the issues of social responsibility.

ISO 26000 SR Guidance Standard requires organisations to integrate social responsibility and sustainability core subjects in all operations and business relationships as well as their sphere of influence. The Company, therefore, recognises ISO 26000 Social Responsibility Guidance Management as a reference document on a holistic approach based on the seven core subjects in Clause 6 of the Guidance Standard – Organizational Governance, Human Rights, Labour Practices, the Environment, Fair Operating Practices, Consumer Issues, and Community Involvement and Development.


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