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Accra to Host Inaugural Green Film Festival

Accra to Host Inaugural Green Film Festival


Accra is set to host the inaugural Green Film Festival (GFF) from October 11th to 12th, 2024, across multiple locations in the city. This two-day event aims to merge the evocative power of storytelling with urgent environmental themes, fostering a profound connection between its participants and the natural world.

The Green Film Festival is more than just a film festival; it’s a movement designed to inspire sustainable living and ecological responsibility from individuals and institutions. By showcasing a curated selection of short, impactful films that explore the impact of climate change and environmental conservation, GFF seeks to enlighten and challenge viewers, prompting them to reevaluate their environmental impact.

The festival’s films, workshop and immersive experience will explore five (5) significant themes crucial to our planet’s future: Biodiversity, Activism, Food, Climate Displacement and Wildlife Conservation.

The festival is also supported by key figures in the media and climate ecosystems, including the Chief Executive Officer of the EIB Network, Nathan Kwabena Anokye Addisi, popularly known as BOLA RAY, Vice-Chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC’s) Working Group Prof Nana Ama Browne Klutse among others.

– Daily Screenings: Attendees can look forward to daily screenings of 15 to 30-minute films, each selected for its ability to provoke thought and inspire climate action.

– Interactive Workshops: Post-screening discussions and workshops will guide participants from awareness to practical action, empowering them to incorporate sustainable practices into their lives.

– Eco-Themed Celebration: The festival culminates in a massive eco-themed park event, celebrating sustainability through arts, sculpture, music, and a grand film screening.

“The Green Film Festival is a critical initiative to mobilize our community around the pressing issues of climate change and environmental sustainability. Through the power of film, we can drive awareness and action, encouraging individuals and institutions to adopt sustainable practices. This festival is a testament to the role of creative media in shaping a more resilient and eco-conscious future.” – Isaac Aboah, Festival Co-director.

“Our world faces unprecedented environmental challenges, from climate change to biodiversity loss. The Green Film Festival serves as a powerful platform to amplify these urgent messages through the art of storytelling. By leveraging film’s persuasive power, we aim to inspire action and challenge local and international organisations to lead by example and promote environmental stewardship.” – Joshua Amponsem, Festival Co-director.

The Green Film Festival welcomes filmmakers, environmental enthusiasts, and the general public. Whether you’re a storyteller looking to make a difference, an advocate for sustainability, or simply curious about ecological issues, GFF offers a unique platform to engage with like-minded individuals and become part of a global movement towards a sustainable future.


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