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Africa Technology Expo Kicks-off Weekend with MTN Nigeria and Fidelity Bank as Headline Sponsors

Africa Technology Expo Kicks-off Weekend with MTN Nigeria and Fidelity Bank as Headline Sponsors

The Africa Technology Expo is set to take place this Saturday, with  MTN Nigeria and Fidelity Bank as headline sponsors.

The event is dedicated to giving attention to African businesses and providing them with platforms and
opportunities in the competitive tech landscape.

More than just another tech event, the Africa Technology Expo is packed with a variety of activities designed to showcase the creativity and competitiveness of African startups.

Some of the pre-event activities and highlights include – The Unwind Fest is a pre-event activity meant to connect ecosystem players and enthusiast in a no-meet zone setting,

The Africa Pitch Battleground (Sponsored by Fidelity Bank) which is a dynamic competition where innovative startups pitch their ideas and compete against each other to win key prizes, The Developers Circle is a collaborative space for developers to share knowledge and conversations on pressing infrastructural needs within the tech-side of startups.

The MTN Fireside Chat is an insightful session featuring industry leaders and C-suites executives, Speed Networking is an
for some participants to make valuable connections quickly and efficiently, and finally The Night Expo is an evening event that combines networking, entertainment, and the celebration of African tech deals.

In addition to these exciting activities, the Africa Technology Expo is committed to supporting younger startups through the Gamma Program. This initiative aims to connect nascent businesses with the resources and tools they need to elevate their operations and scale successfully.

Participants in the Gamma Program will receive mentorship, access to funding opportunities, and practical tools for business growth.

In a bid to celebrate the African technology landscape, the Africa Technology Expo plays a grand role advancing and accelerating startups growth, culture and also prevailing conversations in the ecosystem.


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