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Cameroon’s Post & Telecoms Minister Battles Bulk SMS Fraud, Seeks GTS-Infotel Support

Cameroon’s Post & Telecoms Minister Battles Bulk SMS Fraud, Seeks GTS-Infotel Support

The Cameroon Minister of Posts and Telecommunications, Libom Li Likeng, has invited GTS-Infotel to the meeting on the issue of fraud on communication networks in its effort to tackle the menace of bulk SMS in the West Africa Country.

TechnologyMirror gathered that despite the integration of A2P SMS Firewall in their networks, Orange & MTN in Cameroon continue to be victims of cases of fraud of their traffic “BulkSMS on name SenderID” from international SMS aggregators without local presence and some corporate customers who resell the BulkSMS service without their knowledge, without the need for a license title.

This long-standing fraud, estimated at several billion yearly, is mainly due to the refusal of these operators to identify their Bulk SMS customers by VAS numbers or virtual fixed numbers. Indeed, as practiced in their home countries, this is the basic solution for effectively combating this type of fraud by protecting consumers against identity theft during phone communications.

While thanking the Minister for the invitation, the GTS-Infotel Cameroon founder & CEO, Pierre-François KAMANOU said “despite the support of the Prime Minister’s office and the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, my project is still struggling, due to the regulator’s inertia in the face of the mobile operators’ refusal and CAMTEL’s lack of interest in positioning itself as a virtual fixed-line operator.

“I can’t go on like this because I’m exhausted and ruined. I have to start exploring other African countries where conditions are favorable to the introduction of multichannel virtual fixed numbers.”


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