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FG Backs Lagos Ban of Reusable Plastic, Says It’s Inevitable

FG Backs Lagos Ban of Reusable Plastic, Says It’s Inevitable

The Federal Government has backed the ban on reusable plastic by the the Lagos State Government.

The Government said that  the ban of some plastic materials is inevitable, even as it urged Nigerians to be prepared for “wholistic circular management of our waste”.

The Minister of State for Environment, Iziaq Salako, made this known in a statement on Tuesday.

He said the decision of the Lagos State Government to ban Styrofoam and other single use plastics is “a strong signal to businesses and the general public that the menace of single use plastics needs to be comprehensively addressed, if Nigeria is to deliver on her environmental agenda of sustainability. The Lagos State Government is therefore commended for the bold decision”.

The minister said the Federal Ministry of Environment recently inaugurated “an interagency committee to continue the process of robust consultation across government, across businesses and with all stakeholders to birth a sustainable solution that is sensitive to the Nigeria context”.

He said the ministry is examining policies and initiatives that will drive the production of alternatives to plastics.

Salako said, “The current poorly regulated and indiscriminate use of plastics has to be addressed, and Nigerians must prepare for the inevitable change in this area, including banning of some products.

“In the interim, Nigerians are advised to take personal deliberate environmental actions to reduce and reuse plastics and also explore the growing market of recycling for their plastic waste.

“In the coming days, robust awareness campaign and sensitization will be rolled out to prepare Nigerians for the inevitable ban of some plastics and the wholistic circular management of our waste.”


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