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Francophone Africa Fintech Gathering Goes to Abidjan Promising Re-shape of Ecosystem

Francophone Africa Fintech Gathering Goes to Abidjan Promising Re-shape of Ecosystem

The Next Fintech Forum (NFF), the largest event in French-speaking Africa dedicated to Fintech, which is the 2023 edition, and promises to be even greater, bringing together players from the Francophone African Fintech ecosystem around the central theme “Fintech and Commerce: How Fintech will shape commerce in Francophone Africa”.

NFF has established itself as a pillar of digital finance in French-speaking Africa. The event is a showcase for commercial banks, investors, students, insurance brokers, regulators, chambers of commerce, merchant associations, payment service providers, start-ups, fintechs and more. All come together to discuss industry issues and opportunities, make contacts and develop their businesses.

At the heart of the NFF’s mission is the promotion of inclusive finance for all, including players in the informal sector, notably market traders. The forum serves as a platform for all branches of Fintech, but is also the preferred meeting place for all those who shape the Fintech ecosystem. This year, associations of small traders are particularly eager to discover the opportunities offered by digital finance to stimulate their growth.

The Next Fintech Forum is introducing a new initiative for its 2023 edition, the Fintech Academia Summit, a dynamic and unique platform designed to bring together African students from various backgrounds and African scholars from diverse fields of expertise who are passionate about financial services and technology. It is a space for innovation, collaboration, mutual learning, and exploration of the latest trends and innovations in fintech, providing participants with the opportunity to:

– collectively and responsibly shape Africa’s financial future,

– catalyze the digital transformation of the financial sector through research, education and cooperation

– develop curricula adapted to the job market.

Preparing for the future of Fintech in Africa. Another major innovation of this edition is the Blockchain Hackathon, which will bring together blockchain technology enthusiasts to tackle the challenge of proposing innovative solutions with potential for implementation and funding.


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