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Global Companies Showcase Digital Transformation Success at SAP’s Sapphire

Global Companies Showcase Digital Transformation Success at SAP’s Sapphire


Some of the world’s leading companies are showcasing their digital transformation success leveraging SAP’s technology and services at Sapphire, SAP’s flagship customer event.

The event, which is taking place in Barcelona, Spain, brings together customers, partners and business leaders to discover the latest SAP innovations and solutions designed to help organisations reach their full potential.

Johannes Dressler, Chief Business Officer for Middle East Africa South at SAP, notes the accelerating adoption of cloud technologies and Business AI solutions to drive organisational efficiency and innovation. “Organisations across all sectors are transforming their operations by leveraging the latest cloud technologies to scale their growth and unlock new capabilities.

“As the pace of change accelerates and speed and adaptability increasingly become the key drivers of success, we are helping customers speed up the time to value of their technology investments through RISE with SAP. And, after an organisation decides on their key technology to transform their existing business, the next question for business leaders is: will our transformed IT landscape be ready for further, fast-paced and unpredictable AI solutions?”

More than 6 000 customers have already moved to RISE with SAP, a managed cloud service that helps organisations transition from on-premise ERP to the cloud, giving them access to powerful cloud-based business management software with embedded intelligence, real-time insights, and advanced technologies such as Business AI.

One example is international wellbeing drinks business Twinings Ovaltine, which has completed the first stage of its digital transformation journey with a RISE with SAP cloud migration. The move has unified the company’s ERP platforms, improved collaboration and decision-making, and allowed for the expansion of its product roadmap.

Twinings Ovaltine also leverages SAP solutions for automated and simplified business processes, real-time data and insights, and enhanced visibility into the supply chain. SAP continues to support the company as it aims to become a resilient, digital-first business.

UK consumer cooperative Co-op has also completed its migration to RISE with SAP to support its digital transformation program. By moving its ERP to the cloud and streamlining its finance and procurement functions, Co-op aims to enhance operational efficiency and drive future investment.

With the implementation of RISE with SAP S/4HANA Cloud, Co-op will benefit from enhanced stability of key applications, improved security, faster automation, and the ability to capture real-time data and insights across its wider manufacturing supply chains. This move to RISE with SAP will help Co-op provide a safe and secure business environment in the cloud, ultimately improving the supermarket experience for customers and employees.

Hunkemöller, a lingerie retailer with 850 stores and 15 webshops, migrated its entire SAP ECC environment to Google Cloud with the help of RISE with SAP. The migration is a preparation for the switch to SAP Fashion Management.

The decision to switch to a cloud-based version of SAP Fashion Management was made to support growth and become a more data-driven organization. The migration, carried out in two phases, was completed in 48 hours and the company is now ready for the next step of migrating to SAP Fashion Management, aiming to become a truly data-driven organization and provide a more personalized customer experience.

One of Southern Africa’s biggest sugar manufacturers, (and Eswatini’s largest companies) Royal Eswatini Sugar Corporation, has deployed SAP’s S/4HANA Public Cloud platform to unlock significant cost-savings and efficiency gains. The company chose the platform to support its business strategy and drive greater efficiency, agility and innovation.

With more than 4500 employees, the company has a long history of leveraging SAP solutions and chose the Public Cloud deployment to unlock significant cost savings and support end-to-end business processes. The company is also focused on innovation and has instituted a ‘free Friday’ to encourage IT teams to explore the SAP Business Technology Platform and find novel solutions to common business problems.

Dressler lauds Royal Eswatini Sugar Corporation’s excellent use of technology and best-practices to drive innovation and efficiency across its operations. “With Royal Eswatini Sugar Corporation’s outstanding utilisation of SAP’s latest S/4HANA Public Cloud platform, the business can confidently step into the next phase of its growth and innovation journey, knowing that critical business processes will be enhanced and supported for years to come.”


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