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Green Energy, AI Solution from Dyque with 15-Miniute Stackable Installation Enters Nigerian Market

Green Energy, AI Solution from Dyque with 15-Miniute Stackable Installation Enters Nigerian Market

Dyque, an energy technology manufacturer, is pushing the boundaries of technology with revolutionary products and solutions, powered by a commitment to cutting-edge technology, outstanding service, and in-depth consumer insights.

Dyque Cube, the world’s first 5-in-1 A1-empowered system, epitomizes its innovation, offering a 15-minute stackable installation, 5 layers battery protection with 280Ah capacity, V2X bi-directional charging, long cycle life battery cell and 0ms switch over time, critical for power sensitive electronics, including; servers, data centres, ATM machines.  Dyque’s solar-powered intelligent solar solutions, equipped with advanced and automatic intelligent equipment, showcases the integration of technology into every aspect of the brand’s energy production process.

Dyque Cube owns the E turbo energy optimization battery technology, the first of its kind in the market. This optimization technology ensures Dyque Cube’s phenomenal features address most of the pressing energy concerns in Nigeria. It is noiseless, packed with a natural conduction cooling system and can be charged with solar and grid systems.

Founder and CEO of Dyque, Mr Andy Yan, said: “Today, we stand at the threshold of innovation, technology, sustainability, and a brighter future for every Nigerian.  It why, as well as introducing Dyque to you, I am particularly proud to be launching DYQUE Cube right here in Lagos, Nigeria.”

According to him, Dyque Cube is the future of green power solutions, particularly within emerging markets saying that Dyque, believe in leading quality and innovation in the green energy sector.

He said: “Dyque is more than a brand.  It is a commitment to a greener, more sustainable future. We aim to redefine the way you experience energy – combining functionality with stunning design and customizable features.”

Yan also said that with Dyque Energy App, powered by AI, “we empower you to take control of your energy consumption and maximise savings.”

Dyque Cube is powerful enough to charge electric vehicles. It is also empowered with a PV controller with multiple high input voltage MPP trackers. Other perks of Dyque Cube include IP66 rating, five-year warranty period and nationwide support.

The solar juggernaut is also complimented by the Dyque Energy App with a 5-minute commission time, empowered with an AI mode, to provide users with flexible system parameter setting, AI assisted scheduling, system upgrades and safety measures – an unparalleled experience in smart green energy management. From stunning UI design to effective information presentation, the app ensures users have control over their energy consumption, accessing dynamic utility rates to maximise savings.

Dyque’s commitment to tech-driven solutions extends to its quality policy, manufacturing processes adhering to ISO 9001 standards, and a dedicated R&D team focused on setting clear goals, identifying risks, and integrating quality activities throughout the product lifecycle. Dyque also provides one on one customer support by a dedicated solution team who analyse and ascertain individual energy needs, before, during and after service delivery.

As Dyque aims to establish itself as a global leader in new energy solutions within emerging markets in Africa, the company stands as a beacon of technological innovation, offering solutions that prioritise user experience and environmental sustainability.


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