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HACKERS’ IMPACT: Patricia Technology Plans Five Year Repayment Plan for Customers’ Lost Money

HACKERS’ IMPACT: Patricia Technology Plans Five Year Repayment Plan for Customers’ Lost Money

Patricia Technologies Limited, a cryptocurrency company, whose company’s platform by some high-profile hackers, has promised  a two to five-year repayment regime for all customers who lost money following the recent breach.

The company in a statement  said the new repayment regime is a careful sequel to the company’s repayment exercise launched on Monday 20, November 2023. The company further explained that this phased repayment regime would give the business and the Police the needed latitude to recover stolen funds from the arrested suspects and enable the business to mass up some revenue from the continued use of the reinforced Patricia App.

“To manage expectations, Patricia Technologies estimates a repayment plan spanning two to five years. The commitment is to ensure that every customer receives their full and final rightful payments within this timeframe, underscoring the company’s determination to persist until all of its financial obligations are fulfilled,” the statement read in part.

Patricia Technologies also hinted that it has worked on a best-in-class technological solution to prevent a repeat of the recent breach. “To streamline transactions and fortify security, Patricia Technologies is redesigning the Patricia Plus platform. The AI-enabled system, scheduled to go live by Q2 2024, aims to offer a simpler, more efficient user experience while reducing operational burdens,” the company further disclosed.

Patricia Technologies said that, as a business, it is strategically shifting focus towards its business arm and OTC desk, citing positive traction in recent months. “We are transitioning from crisis to creation mode, emphasising value creation designed to enhance service delivery and expedite the return of customers’ lost funds,” the company said.



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