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IoT West Africa to Showcase Emerging Technologies & Hype Nigeria’s Telecoms Industry Regional Impact

IoT West Africa to Showcase Emerging Technologies & Hype Nigeria’s Telecoms Industry Regional Impact

The upcoming 2024 IoT West Africa Conference and Exhibition, holding in Lagos, Nigeria, stands as a pivotal marker in the technological renaissance sweeping Nigeria and the broader West African region.

According to the organisers, this event is not just a showcase of emerging technologies but an acknowledgment of the vital role the telecom industry plays in the economic growth and digital transformation of the area.

The strategic importance of Lagos as the host city intertwines with Nigeria’s rapid development in technology, infrastructure, and a burgeoning digital economy. It underscores the commitment to enhancing the business landscape, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises within technology, agriculture, and manufacturing sectors, through
the lens of digital innovation.

Central to this transformation is the telecom industry, which acts as the backbone of connectivity and digital infrastructure across West Africa. The IoT West Africa Conference zeroes in on the significant influence and contributions of telecoms to the region’s digital ecosystem.

Shitij Taneja, Managing Director at Vertex Next, emphasizes the telecom sector’s role in enabling digital transformation, pivotal in driving innovations in IoT alongside other cutting-edge technologies like blockchain, Big Data, and AI.

The meticulously designed conference agenda showcases the symbiotic relationship between telecoms and technological advancement through keynote speeches, panel discussions, and technical demos. This rich content offering provides attendees with insights into the future of seamless connectivity enabled by the telecom industry, alongside emerging
technological trends shaping the region’s digital landscape.

This year introduces a particularly significant initiative, the Cloud Expo Africa, which delves deep into the evolving dynamics of digital and cloud infrastructure. This segment highlights the centrality of telecoms in developing African data centers, focusing on advancements and green technology initiatives crucial for sustainable digital ecosystems.

The conference serves as a critical platform for telecom industry leaders and stakeholders to explore new opportunities, attract investments, and spearhead essential technological advancements. It holds particular importance for individuals within the energy, power, telecom, and data center sectors, underscoring the unique influence of telecoms in enabling
connected, digital solutions.

A groundbreaking development for this year’s event is the partnership with The Association of Telecommunications Companies of Nigeria (ATCON). This collaboration further elevates the event’s focus on telecom and data centers, promising an enriched dialogue on the latest insights, technologies, and best practices vital for empowering and sustaining the digital economy.

For professionals and businesses poised to lead or adapt to the digital transformation in West Africa, participating in the IoT West Africa Conference and Exhibition offers an unparalleled opportunity to align with the forefront of industry innovation.

Through this engagement, attendees will not only witness but contribute to shaping the future landscape of digital and telecom advancements in the region.


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