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JUST IN:Nigerians Internet Data Consumption Habit Widens. Hits 713,200.6 Terabytes

JUST IN:Nigerians Internet Data Consumption Habit Widens. Hits 713,200.6 Terabytes

More Nigerians are spending more time on  the internet and consuming huge amounts of internet data subscription according to statistics released by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) yesterday, while Nigerians were busy celebrating Valentine festival.

The figures which were sighted by TechnologyMirror, that more citizens are now on the internet consuming huge amounts of data bundle.

The Internet Data Usage Report for January  2023-December 2023 revealed that as at December 2023 Nigerian have consumed 713,200.6 terabytes increasing from 645,407.1 terabytes in November  as against the October 675,250.54 terabytes consumption of Nigerians.

Although the consumption of internet data in the country has been unstable as shown the figure below, but this latest figure revealed an mazing increase in the internet data consumption pattern.

Meanwhile, according to the NCC’s report the broadband subscription/penetration data for the period under review has continued to grow rising from 90,765,310 in November 2023 to 94,757,184 by December 2023 which is a 43.71% penetration rate.

According to the NCC, more people in  the country still use the GSM technology to have access to the internet as shown in the number of active subscribers for data (internet) services on each of the licensed service providers utilizing the different technologies, i.e. GSM and CDMA.

The growth rate for users of the internet through the GSM technology has been on a steady increase rising from 159,604,255 in September 2023 to 163,353,643 by December 2023.




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