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JUST IN: Telecoms Operators Losing Subscribers Quarterly with VoIP Dropping Sharply, Says NCC 

JUST IN: Telecoms Operators Losing Subscribers Quarterly with VoIP Dropping Sharply, Says NCC 

Nigeria’s telecoms operators have been facing challenges retaining their subscribers as statistics from the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), has revealed.

According to the Commission, although MTN Nigeria still leads in the number of subscribers per each individual telecoms operator on a quarterly basis but the telecoms operators have continued to witnessed a steady decline in the numbers of subscribers.

For instance, MTN Nigeria had a drop from .9.61 percent between  Q4 – Q3 (2022) to 2.85 Q4(2022) – Q1(2023), Glo had a drop from 1.51 in Q4 – Q3 (2022) to to 0..85 in Q4(2022) – Q1(2023), Airtel Nigeria had a drop 2.85 in Q4 – Q3 (2022) to 0.44 in Q4(2022) – Q1(2023)only 9Mobile had an increase rising from  0.08 in Q4 – Q3 (2022) to 2.24 in Q4(2022) – Q1(2023).

The same scenario was experienced in the whole of the last quarter of 2023, for instance for MTN Nigeria it experienced a fall from  7.52 in  Q1 – Q2(2023) to 1.41 in Q2 – Q3(2023), and Globacom had same with a percentage fall from 0.88 to 019 under same period. Airtel Nigeria had a similar fall of 0.23 to 0.14.

However, Nigeria’s tele-density still maintains a steady increase in the whole of last year amid industry challenges and  dry economy, according to the Subscriber Statistics released by the NCC..

The statistics which were released yesterday by the NCC and sighted by TechnologyMirror showed that in the Monthly Subscriber Technology Data for April 2017 – August 2023, there was a steady increase from 102.97 percent in November 2023 to .103.63 percent by December 2023 just as the total numbers of active lines rose from 223,220,009 in November 2023 to 224,713,710 to November 2023.

However, the NCC statistics revealed a sharp drop of the VoIP from 305,021 in November 2023 to 188,808 by the end of the year. Voice over Internet Protocol, also called IP telephony, is a method and group of technologies for voice calls for the delivery of voice communication sessions over Internet Protocol networks, such as the Internet. Common examples of VoIP apps include Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger,

The NCC’s updated report also indicated that there are  177903 Wireless Internet Subscribers as against 35973 Wired Internet Subscribers while the total Active Subscribers for the period under review is 213876 just as the country can only boast of 2364.



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