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Lagos Innovation Policy Dialogue: Proposed Innovation Bill to Spur Big Tech Firm Support for Startups, Says Alake

Lagos Innovation Policy Dialogue: Proposed Innovation Bill to Spur Big Tech Firm Support for Startups, Says Alake

The proposed Lagos State Innovation Bill when signed into law is expected to help bigger technology companies drive innovation in the Lagos state ecosystem by helping startups in the ecosystem through several collaboration activities in the ecosystem.

Also, when implemented, the Bill is going to help the bigger tech companies to also innovate within the same ecosystem thereby creating more jobs through creativity of the startups.

According to the Lagos State Commissioner for Innovation, Science and Technology, Mr Tunbosun Alake, the Bill is also expected to the increase the budget of his Ministry, describing the Bill as all-encompassing for startups in the state when compared with the Startup Bill that was passed into by the National Assembly last year.

Alake who spoke during an interview after having a meeting with players in Lagos State tech ecosystem at a forum: Lagos Innovation Policy Engagement, disclosed that the Bill will boost activities in the digital economy of Lagos, enhance the setup of the Cybersecurity Council of the State.

He said that the Bill is intended to encourage innovation both at a smaller level and a larger saying that the Bill will be considering how to encourage tax incentive, fast-tracking patent acquisition for new innovation, research and development opportunities in the Universities.

Alake added that the Bill will help the big tech companies in the ecosystem to give support to startup to create innovations that will in turn create jobs in the state, stressing that it will make Lagos a centre of innovation and development as it begins to open up tech opportunities for global companies looking for markets in Africa.

“Imagine if the Lagos State through its Universities and companies is creating new services and products every year, what that means is that new monies will be created, and that means economic development for the state”, he said.

According to one of the stakeholders, the dialogue should not be a one-off thing stating that there is  need the for the conversation to continue saying that her expectation is that the whole of Lagos social infrastructure becomes wired soon.


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