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MarkHack 3.0 Opens Portal for Application, Promise $10,000 Equity Investment

MarkHack 3.0 Opens Portal for Application, Promise $10,000 Equity Investment

GDM Group, a marketing and media technology company, and Eko Innovation Centre, a renowned startup accelerator, proudly announce the launch of MarkHack 3.0, themed “BEYOND LIMITS – Unleashing Creativity with
Emerging Tech”.

This exciting initiative invites innovators, entrepreneurs, and marketing professionals to collaborate and develop groundbreaking solutions for real-time challenges in the marketing and media landscape.

A statement from organisers revealed that the event would offer participants opportunity leverage cutting-edge tech to dive into the world of deep tech, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and e-commerce to revolutionize marketing strategies.

The event is also to provide collaboration with the best, and network with industry leaders, investors, and
potential partners to propel your ideas forward adding that finalists will gain access to an accelerator program with up to
$10,000 in equity investment and three  months of expert mentorship.

The focus areas according to the organisers are: Other benefits are:.
E-commerce Evolution: Develop solutions to optimize and revolutionize ecommerce experiences in the Nigerian and African markets.

Localizing XR: Adapt global tech trends like Virtual Realities and Augmented

Realities to meet the specific needs and cultural nuances of the African consumer.

Blockchain for Business: Explore practical applications of blockchain technology in enhancing transparency, security, and efficiency in African marketing and media enterprises.

AI-driven Personalization: Create solutions that leverage artificial intelligence to personalize marketing content and campaigns for diverse and dynamic African audiences.


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