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NCC Rejigs & Renames Strategic Management Plan 2014-2018 as ASPIRE 2024

NCC Rejigs & Renames Strategic Management Plan 2014-2018 as ASPIRE 2024

The “Performance House” of the Commission has been updated from the SMP 2014 – 2018 to reflect the five (5) strategic pillars of the SMP to guide the Commission to consistently discharge its mandate, achieve its Vision and the delivery of her strategic results by the end of the Plan in 2024.

According to the Commission, ASPIRE 2024 is now the “Face” of the new NCC Strategic Management Plan 2020-2024.wherein ASPIRE is the acronyms for:

A: Advancement through

S: Strategy

P: Professionalism

I: Innovation and

R: Regulatory

E: Excellence

The SMP 2020 – 2024 includes NCC’s reviewed Mission and Vision in line with the Commission’s mandate as stipulated in the Nigerian Communications Act (NCA), 2003. The SMP reinforces its Core Values as the guiding principles that will mould its culture and underpin the effective execution of the Plan. The Plan reviews the internal situation analysis of NCC, and its external business environment (both macro- and microenvironments) and identifies key issues that must be addressed. A stakeholder analysis was carried out to review key stakeholder needs and to identify the stakeholder value proposition.

The SMP highlights the desired outcomes/strategic results, specifies strategic objectives and the initiatives as well as actions that will be carried out to achieve the objectives. It also states the key performance indicators to measure effectiveness of the Strategic Plan and performance of NCC as an organisation.


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