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Nigeria to Launch Africa’s First Database for Transport Industry to Enhance Policy Formulation

Nigeria to Launch Africa’s First Database for Transport Industry to Enhance Policy Formulation

The Nigerian Government is set to unveil Africa’s first data base for the transportation under its  Smart National Transport Databank initiative.

The government hails it as Africa’s first online, real-time, nation-wide comprehensive transport database, with the aim of improving policy formation and ensuring the sector fulfils the demands of the population and economy.

The administration thinks this is an important step towards improving the country’s transport landscape.

Mr Sa’idu Ahmed Alkali, Minister of Transport, stated in his keynote presentation at the opening in Abuja that the databank is planned to act as a central repository for all transportation data, allowing for better decision-making through complete, real-time information.

“This will support improved policy formulation and strategic planning, enabling the transport sector to better meet the needs of Nigeria’s growing population and rapidly expanding economy in line with the Renewed Hope Agenda of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s administration,” he said.

The Minister also explained how the databank will increase efficiency and synergy across multiple modes of transport, resulting in cost savings, improved service delivery, and higher safety standards.

“By incorporating advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, the databank will provide dynamic insights into traffic patterns, logistic bottlenecks, and infrastructure requirements, improving the overall productivity of the transportation system.”

“Furthermore, the databank is set to stimulate economic growth by providing critical data for investors and businesses in the transport industry, encouraging more informed investment and fostering a competitive, robust economic environment,” he said.


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