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OpenAI Creative Director Tasks Nigerians on Adoption of  AI to Grow Economy

OpenAI Creative Director Tasks Nigerians on Adoption of AI to Grow Economy

Rodger Werkhoven, independent creative director at OpenAI, recently called upon Nigeria to harness the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the country’s economic growth and development.

Werkhoven was in Lagos for a conference titled “Adapting AI for Nigeria – Creating Intelligent Solutions for a Unique Landscape.”The globally acclaimed Werkhoven shared the transformative possibilities of AI for Nigeria’s economic progress.

He discussed his partnership with OpenAI and the creation of disruptive AI solutions that might help Nigeria and the globe at large.

Werkhoven said: “AI will be your assistant; it will do everything for you. You can chat to it because it is your friend. And, contrary to popular belief, AI will not replace humans or their employment; rather, someone using AI will.”

He provided a vivid image of a future in which AI-powered technology would transform sectors and open up new prospects for growth and advancement.

Werkhoven highlighted that Nigeria, with its lively and industrious community, was well-positioned to leverage the power of AI to overcome obstacles and realise its full potential.

“Nigeria possesses immense potential to become a hub for AI innovation and entrepreneurship,” Werkhoven said. “By embracing AI-driven solutions and fostering a conducive environment for technological innovation, Nigeria can unlock new opportunities, enhance productivity, and improve the quality of life for its citizens.”

Further, Werkhoven emphasised the importance of AI in crucial sectors of the Nigerian economy, discussing how the technology could improve healthcare services, education, and agriculture, among other areas.

He also advocated for collaboration and knowledge exchange between the government and private sector to accelerate the progress of the technology in the country.

“Nigerian entrepreneurs, researchers, and policymakers must come together to embracing AI as a catalyst for innovation and sustainable growth in the country,” he said.




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