Polaris Bank Launches ‘Polaris Target Savings Account’

Polaris Bank has launched an account called ‘Polaris Target Savings Account’ to boost healthy savings culture and build a strong financial base.


The Group Head, Products and Market Development, Mrs Adebimpe Ihekuna, said this in a statement entitled ‘Polaris Bank introduces target savings account’ on Saturday.

Ihekuna said, “The savings culture is gradually going into extinction as people generally spend than save; hence, the launch of the target savings account to help Nigerians save for a better tomorrow.

“We recognise that there is never going to be enough money to save; that is what one must first accept but the need to develop the habit of savings is as important as life in itself.

“A salary increase for most people will not necessarily get them to save more, your children finishing school will not get you to save more, a bigger client for your business will not get you to save more, and getting older will not enable you to save more.”

Ihekuna added, “Paying off your mortgage and other debts will not get you to save more; all these are excuses not to start saving today. If you are not saving with what you have today, chances are you might not save when you have more money.”

She said it was not too late to start saving, adding that Nigerians willing to take up the challenge and begin to save for specific goals for the future could do so with ease, through the Polaris Target Savings account.

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